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Why pay more for an
In-Depth Home Inspection?

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Why Choose Hire A Home Inspector?

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  • At Hire A Home Inspector, we find local home inspectors that have a proven track record of excellent service
  • We can perform Residential, Commercial and Multi-Family Inspections.
  • Our inspectors are able to Identify and Advise on any Issue.
  • Our home inspectors have expertise in common and unusual home problems from all era's of homes. (From turn of the century homes, to homes built in the 60's and 70's, to new homes built within the last 20 years. They all have different building standards and practices).
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Our Guarantee

We are confident that the inspections will be in-depth and help you greatly in your purchasing decision. You can be assured that we will match you with a highly qualified home inspector in your area. There is no reason to go anywhere else!

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What Our Inspectors Inspect


Inspect roof coverings, structure, gutters, downspouts and more.



Walkways, exterior doors, eaves, soffits, fascia and more.



All major heating and cooling systems to make sure you get them in working order.



Sinks, tubs, faucets, shut-off valves and more.



Check the service drop, mast, meter & base, grounding, outlets and more.



Built-in appliances, doors, windows, flooring and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I walk around the house with them? 

Absolutely. they're happy to explain everything they're looking at. There will be times where they need to focus and evaluate, but feel free to tag along and ask questions. 

Can my agent be there too? 

Yes! Agents are encouraged to be there and be engaged so they can know what they’re writing up in your Repair Request Addendum. 

Will there be recommendations on who to call? 

With each defect they include which type of contractor you will need to search for to get quotes. 

The Report - What should I be looking for? 

Their reports have lots of images to help you recall what you’re looking at. They break down your reports into areas that are safety hazards and other recommended items to fix/ask for. 


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Inspections Include


Home Inspection

A complete, non-invasive, visual examination of your home.

Sewer Scope

One of the most expensive repairs is to replace (or repair) your sewer line. 

Thermal Imaging 

This is an advanced, non-invasive technology that allows us to reveal things not seen by the eye.


Ancillary Services 

Mold, Water, Asbestos, Lead, & Meth Hazard tests (available upon request).

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At Hire A Home Inspector, we take our responsibility to you seriously. 


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Our inspectors are available for appointments anytime you'd like. Often times you find a home and need to make decisions fast or you have limited times that you can be available to meet up at the property. Often times we can easily accommodate these requests, just give us a call and our inspectors will check their schedules and let you know!

When choosing an Inspector, remember this: 

Experience Matters! If you want someone to tell you what you are looking at, how much things cost and how things work, our inspectors can help. If you need to know whether you have to do something now or you can hold off on things for a while, they can help. They always do their best to answer your questions vs telling you to contact an industry professional. You need answers now, not later, and they can give you those answers in an easy to understand way and with realistic costs to complete anything on your home. Many of them have done estimating and remodel assessments for years.

Do you have a specific need and/or price you need to meet? Give me a call and let's see if I can help.


Why pay more for an In-Depth Home Inspection?

For any sized single family home! Call today to schedule your appointment.

Cost Estimates

Repair cost analysis or remodel cost breakdown (available upon request).

Optional Services

Comprehensive Report

Includes comprehensive notes with any identifying photos.

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